Who is the Zippy Zebra?

Hello! I'm Krista, the person behind the Zippy Zebra. Why a Zebra? There's a few reasons.

When my son was little, his favorite stuffed animal was a zebra named Zee. Zee went everywhere with us. Everyone knew Zee, and Liam and Zee were inseparable. So when I was starting my little shop, I was trying to come up with a memorable name and my son suggested something with a Zebra. Sounded good to me!
Another reason the Zebra is significant to me is that the Zebra is the mascot for "invisible" illnesses such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which I have. So many people struggle with getting a proper diagnosis and spend years trying to convince Doctors and others that they're not making it up, it's not all in their heads, there really is something causing their illness. So the Zippy Zebra is my way of showing that although I don't feel well 99% of the time, I can still contribute something to the world and try to be positive and "Zippy"!

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